FTAAAD Telephone Support Group for Family Caregivers of Older Adults

March 8, 2018 - 3:00 pm

The FTAAAD Family Caregiver Support Program

Telephone Support Group for Family Caregivers of Older Adults

Have you ever wanted to attend a support group, but don’t have the time due to your busy schedule? This group may be just what you need! Join us to share your experience, receive useful information, learn caregiving tips, and gain emotional support without leaving home.

2nd Thursday of each month 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Feb. 8 Eat Well, Live Well: Taking Care of the Caregiver Michelle Lee, Registered Dietitian, will discuss strategies to help you with the emotional and physical demands of caring for your loved one. Remember, if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to care for anyone else.

March 8 SNAP – Getting Healthy Food on the Table Join Kathleen McLaughlin, FTAAAD’s SNAP outreach coordinator, for a discussion about the SNAP program (formerly known as ‘food stamps’) and how it benefits more than 12,000 low-income seniors in Northeast Tennessee. SNAP can provide extra money every month to purchase food, and there are special rules for applicants over age 60 that make it easier to apply and qualify. SNAP myths and misunderstandings will be discussed, as well as tips and resources to make the process easier. Even if you don’t need SNAP, you almost certainly know someone who does.

April 12 The Power of Gratitude for the Caregiver One of the most effective tools for combating stress in often forgotten: gratitude. Join Tracy Buckles, Health Promotions Specialist at the FTAAAD as she teaches one of the most effective tools to relieve the frustrations that can come with “why me.” Learn tips and ways to find gratitude in caregiving.

To Register and for more information:

Call Tracy Buckles, Health Promotions Specialist at 423-722-5109

After registering, you will receive a call-in phone number and an access PIN number to enter the group call.