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Learn About the Changes to Medicare Coverage in 2013

Discounts on Drugs in the Donut Hole

Previously, if you went into the Donut Hole in your Medicare drug plan you were responsible for 100% of the costs of your prescription drugs. If you go into the Donut Hole in 2013 you will automatically get discounts on your drugs.In 2013 you will pay 47.5% of the costs for your brand name medications and 79% of the costs of your generic drugs in the Donut Hole. These discounts will gradually increase over the next several years until the Donut Hole is completely eliminated in 2020.

Outpatient Mental Health
Previously, most outpatient mental health services were subject to a 50% co-insurance, instead of the 20% co-insurance charged for other Part B services. The mental health services co-insurance has been slowly reduced since 2011. For 2013 the co-insurance for outpatient mental health care will be 35%.

New Drugs Covered by Part D
Beginning in 2013 two classes of drugs that Medicare has excluded from coverage since Part D began will be covered. Starting January 1, 2013, Medicare drug plans will be required to cover benzodiazepines such as Xanax, Ativan and Valium. They will also be required to cover barbiturates, such as Fioricet, Luminal and Nembutal, if they are used in the treatment of epilepsy, cancer, or a chronic mental disorder.

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