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Checking In with the MyRide Programs

The FTAAAD MyRIDE programs are volunteer-staffed, door-through-door local transportation solutions for older adults who cannot drive themselves—whether it's to a doctor appointment, grocery shopping, or lunch with friends. Originally created and funded through the Davidson County Chancery Court, MyRIDE programs across the state now fall under the purview of the Memorial Foundation.

MyRIDE programs allow subscribers over age 60 who are unable to drive to schedule local trips to any destination within the catchment area. If desired, they can request particular drivers that they have come to know through the program. These drivers will often wait with their passengers at doctor appointments, or accompany them into stores or salons if needed. They can also assist their passengers into and out of their homes.

MyRIDE programs in Northeast Tennessee include MyRIDE Johnson County, MyRIDE Jonesborough, MyRIDE Kingsport, MyRIDE Greeneville, and coming soon, MyRIDE Johnson City! All MyRIDE volunteer drivers are carefully screened through background checks and well-trained.

For more information about any of these MyRIDE programs, contact Lee Gay at

MyRIDE Stats as of 12/31/2021

Volunteers: 78

Clients: 227

Total Rides: 14,396

Miles Driven: 141,896



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