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Missing the Annual FTAAAD Silent Auction? Try Our 2022 Facebook Micro-Auctions Instead!

GREAT NEWS! In lieu of our annual Silent Auction this year, FTAAAD will be holding two Facebook auctions a week for the next four weeks! As always, 100% of the donations are tax-deductible and will go to our Emergency Assistance Program.

We've pulled some of our best donated items from our cancelled 2020 auction (Thanks, COVID-19!) and will be posting them on the FTAAAD Facebook page with detailed item information, the starting bid amounts, and multiple photos. We'll also be featuring donor logos to thank them for their generosity!

Each auction will be open for 24 hours and they will all begin on Wednesdays and end on Thursdays throughout April. The first two items will be open for bidding on Wednesday, March 30!

The official rules will be included in each post, but here they are: 1. Bids must be in whole dollar amounts. 2. Bids should be listed as a number (e.g. 10), with no dollar signs. 3. Bids are final—no retractions are allowed. 4. The highest bid submitted before the closing time wins.

5. The winning bid is the highest amount submitted, even if you outbid yourself. 6. Payment is due within 72 hours after the auction closes, and can be paid with cash, check or online payment. 7. All items must be picked up—no shipping is available.

Any questions? Email Kathleen McLaughlin at or call 423-722-5093.



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